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Charlene Proctor has been a Hammer Nutrition Sponsored Athlete since 2010 and been featured in Endurance News Magazine 5 times. To date, she has competed in 229 competitions, been a 3-Time United States Dance Showdance Champion, USDC Rising Star Champion in Latin and Smooth, and a USDC finalist in Ballroom, Smooth, Latin, 9-Dance and 10-Dance. She is a 3-Time 10 Dance Champion at Ohio Star Ball, a World Open Gold 10-Dance Champion and a US National Open Gold 10-Dance Champion.She holds several National Titles with Fred Astaire in Smooth and Standard, was a Blackpool Smooth Finalist, and has been a Best of the Best winner in many styles on the National Dance Council of America circuit. She has won top bronze, silver, gold, or top competitor 63 times, won two People’s Choice Awards, a Triple Crown Championship, and the prestigious Top Gun Award at Wisconsin State Championships. She was the first competitor in ballroom history to win all three leaderboards in the same season. Her list of numerous championships is hefty, and she still competes at the Pro Am National level.

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